The location of Kulturhavn Kronborg is in the extensive area from the town of Helsingør over the harbour including Kronborg Castle. In the centre harbour basin the town of Helsingør has commissioned a sculpture by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset with the title ‘HAN’, installed in 2012.

Kulturhavn Kronborg is an area in the harbour of Helsingør dedicated to culture and events. It is an effort to offer a variety of culture experiences to locals and visitors to Helsingør. 

Kulturhavn Kronborg binds city and castle together

With it’s unique blend of living commerce in the old streets, world class cultural entities and now with undreamed-of recreational possibilities in Kulturhavn Kronborg, Helsingør has become a city that within walking distance offers space for contemplation, for a quiet moment and the possibility of magnificent cultural experiences of local, national and international appeal.

The Port of Helsingør, a lively and active maritime and cultural port, creates a recreational framework for a unique modern cultural area, with the castle as an international trademark, Kulturværftet as a modern, innovative cultural centre and Denmark’s new BIG-designed museum M/S Museet for Søfart dedicated to seafaring.

Altogether Kulturhavn Kronborg conveys the very special story of Renaissance people’s struggles for power, status and identity, the industrial story and the story of Denmark as a seafaring nation in a global perspective.

Now the plan is to build culture vessels and launch them: Kulturhavn Kronborg offers both large-scale, one-off events and an experience of life and regional context for everyone.